Our Curricula- High School


Pearson Edexcel sets the standard for worldwide recognized qualifications aligned to the British educational system and accepted by universities worldwide.

Pearson Edexcel is the brand name for academic and general qualifications from Pearson, including GCSEs and A levels, as well as some vocational qualifications, including NVQs and Functional Skills.

Designed to advance learners’ skills while developing knowledge, Edexcel’s qualifications help learners either progress to higher education or go directly into employment. They are grounded in the quality and traditions of the British education system made relevant for today’s UK and international learners.


What is Edexcel?

Edexcel is a qualification brand for academic and generation qualifications from Pearson. Edexcel’s qualifications are world renowned and highly respected, giving learners the opportunity to succeed in life, learning and employment. Our qualifications, teaching and learning resources are all designed to get the best out of each and every learner.


UKIM is a Pearson Edexcel examinations centre and is authorized and partnered with Pearson and Edexcel to deliver an internationally adapted British curriculum to students of all nationalities aged 2.5 to 19. We are a full member of Fieldwork Education and the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum community.

The official language of our classes is English. Montenegrin is on offer to Grade 1. German is on offer to Grade 4. Spanish is an elective offered to Grades 9 and higher.


Report cards and Tests: UKIM students receive Report Cards at the end of First term and the end of school year, providing a clear understanding to parents/guardians of their child’s progress and developments that have been made during the school year.

Pearson iGCSE and A-level exams are administered in the school.


Pearson Edexcel sets the standard for worldwide recognized qualifications aligned to the British educational system and accepted by universities worldwide. Click here to find out more about Pearson’s Progress to Universities.

Pearson Edexcel International AS/A Levels (IAL) are globally recognized qualifications which open doors to top universities worldwide. Available for 21 subjects, they have a modular structure, yet remain comparable to GCE AS/A levels, as confirmed by NARIC, the national agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on qualifications and skills worldwide.

IGCSE stands for “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”. IGCSEs are internationally recognized as a highly-respected official high school qualification and act as the gateway to further academic study.

IGCSE examinations signal the completion of High School education, and are designed for students aged 14+ who want to progress on to A-levels – or other international equivalents – before entering university.

What is Learner Agency?

Learner agency refers to the feeling of ownership and control that learners have over their own learning. When students believe their actions can make a difference, they become more confident, engaged, and effective learners.

Learner agency can be remembered as ‘voice, choice and ownership”. The idea of agency is closely connected to self-efficacy, a belief in one’s own ability to succeed. When learners believe in themselves and have a strong sense of identity, they are more likely to exercise agency.