Be Creative!

A look at Mrs. Alt’s Language Arts class by Milana Shiskina If you walk into our school, you’ll see many beautiful decorations done by teachers and students. We really support and give them opportunities to decorate and be creative! I asked a few teachers why they decorate and hang students’ works in their classrooms. Mrs. Alt said, “Most importantly, I hang students’ works to make them visible, so that students can be motivated and proud of themselves!” Mrs. D said, “Decoration helps me create a comfortable space.” Students also decorate their lockers. If you look at them, you can find

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UKIM is the only Pearson Edexcel examinations center in Montenegro !!

UKIM authorized and partnered with Pearson and Edexcel to deliver an internationally adapted British curriculum to students of all nationalities aged 2.5 to 19

You can now register online by following 5 simple steps!

*Priority is given to returning students and their siblings.